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Welcome to Employee.ng

Employee.ng is a cloud-based business management ERP with various software unified to keep your business focused on 100% paperless processing, high analytical business intelligence, unmatched business speed, high business conformity and higher profits. Our software include:

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Human Resource Management System

Manage employees and employee data with our efficient and easy-to-use HR system.

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Warehouse Management System

Managing your inventory effectively can be the difference between making the sale and losing it to a competitor.

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Employee Self Service System

Give your employees an easy ride. Move all their applications to the cloud.

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Customer Relationship Manager

All the tools needed to manage customers and grow buisness-customer relationship in one.

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Learning Management System

Teaching and Learning on the go, train your staffs from anywhere, at anytime with our e-learning system.

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Real Estate Management System

Manage your properties across various locations in the world. Manage tenants.

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Task Manager
Business Consultant

Set milestones, prioritize tasks, achieve goals in no time and build team spirit. Make carrying out projects easier and faster for you.

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